My Poor Head

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Christmas shenanigans last night interfered with my fantasyfootball quest so same team as last week.  At time of writing el pistolero himself has continued his sparkling form with 26 points as captain, surely another 6 bonus points to come!


Save It

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  • Overall Points   928
  • Overall Rank – 50.042
  • Gameweek  15 Points – 57 (average – 40)

I’m going to carry over my transfer for this week so that I’m allowed two for gameweek 17.  That coupled with my £0.5m in the bank should allow me some wiggle room.

Oscar looks to be back from his layoff so he’s getting a shout from the bench with Barkley getting hooked.  The young scouser has being playing a blinder but he’s just not cutting the mustard regarding FF points.

I’ve actually been dripping down the standings the last few weeks despite scoring well above average each gameweek but I’m guessing most have twigged to recruit Suarez and then to captain him.  I’m going to have to give some extra thought into where my gravy points are going to come from to give me the edge with my two transfers next week!

Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose!

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Man Bra

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Have any of you seen the very man-bra-ish looking black vests on display at times in training pics?  I first spotted these GPS devices during Liverpools pre season tour while they were in Melbourne.

The ‘viper unit’ collects statistics on speed, distance, heart rate, accelerations and decelerations.  The data is both collected for storage and streamed live to coaching staff.

viper unit     Liverpool skipper Steven Gerrard lifted up his shirt during Liverpool’s win over Melbourne Victory to reveal he was wearing a STATSports Viper unit – a GPS system that collects a variety of statistics.  The Viper unit fits on a player’s back in a pouch supplied by the tight-fitting vest. Each unit contains four processors, a GPS module, a 3-D accelerometer (to determine direction and speed), a 3-D gyroscope (to locate balance and orientation), a 3-D digital compass, a long range radio and a heart rate receiver. Various parameters are measured and calculated 100 times per second, meaning almost a quarter of a million numbers every minute can be analysed from a team of 11 footballers.

With sports science ever evolving I expect appearances of the man bra to be much more frequent in future!

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Do do do do do do do….

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  • Overall Points   871
  • Overall Rank – 46,326
  • Gameweek  14 Points – 91 (average – 61)

……..Luis Suarez.

91 points from our midweek run-out with El Pistolero Suarez scoring a whopping 48 points as captain thanks to his virtuoso display scoring 4 goals against Norwich.  The mercurial Uruguayan se2emed to have decided to have a goal of the year competition all of his own on Wednesday night.  Despite the big points haul SayMyNameFC somehow managed to fall over a thousand places on the overall standings.  I’m guessing Luis is becoming a very popular captain!

Click on link below for some south american magic

The team changing room looks like a busy emergency room on a Saturday night with four of my fifteen players on the crocked list so easy decision to transfer one of them out.  Jose Fonte is the man to get hooked despite his great scoring form this season so far.  Southampton seem to have hit their peak and I’m guessing the clean sheets won’t be so plentiful in the coming weeks.

Man City’s Argentine right-back Pablo Zabaleta gets his name on this weekends team sheet.

We’ve been spoilt this week with yet another set of fixtures just a nights sleep away.  Here’s the full lineup of this weekends warriors:

Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose!

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Bonus Football

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  • Overall Points   780
  • Overall Rank – 45,083
  • Gameweek 13 Points – 56 (average – 50)


On a bit of a slide the last couple of weeks but we have a chance to bounce back quickly with the extra midweek games kicking off tonight with Crystal Palace V West Ham.  Liverpools inept performance against Hull ensured the minimum points for my captain but I’m confident they can bounce back at home to Norwich so once more backing Suarez as captain.

Unfortunately Daniel Sturridge looks set to be watching the next few games from the sidelines as he’s expected to be out until January with ankle ligament damage. Out he goes and I’ve brought in Loic Remy who’s proving to be a good buy for Newcastle this season so hopefully he’ll also be a good purchase for SayMyNameFC.

Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose!


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Fabian Delph’s shot came off the post and rolled along the line, prompting Anthony Taylor to use the newly introduced Hawkeye system for the first time on the opening day of the season.  The new goal line technology, officially called the “Goal Decision System” was called upon for the first time during Aston Villas 3-1 win at the Emirates. This time the the decision was no goal.

There have been calls for years for foootball to catch up to other sports with regards to using technology to help referees make decisions on very close calls.  The premier league finally succumbed and is leading the way in the hope that other leagues will follow suit.  Franz Beckenbauer is the latest to praise the premier leagues vision with calls for the German Bundesliga to follow suit.

“The most important thing in football is a goal – was it scored or wasn’t it” says Richard Scudamore, the premier leagues chief executive.

“That is what the whole object of the game is and therefore it’s important because we’ve now got the technology and got the resources that work, that we’ve been able to introduce it.”

“I’m absolutely confident of its accuracy, 100 per cent. It’s quick, which again is very important. That decision needs to be an instant decision. It will be less than a second.”


The Hawk-Eye technology uses seven cameras behind each goal at the 20 Premier League grounds to monitor the ball.  The referee then receives a message to his watch simply saying ‘goal’ or ‘no goal’.  Couldn’t be simpler really. There were 31 disputed goalline calls in the 380 Premier League matches last season and referees got them right in all but three cases.  Three wrong calls may seem a paltry amount but with the huge amount of money in the premier league, one decision either way could be the difference between safety or relegation for a club and the millions that come with it.  It might also mean a precious four or five extra points for your fantasy footie team that helps you to win that head to head match!

Found Out

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  • Overall Points   724
  • Overall Rank – 36,629
  • Gameweek 12 Points – 50 (average – 55)

A pretty poor gameweek 12 with my defence the culprits for the below-average score. Coleman with a solitary point, Fonte with a score of zero and then drumroll please for Kyle Walker with an impressive -2 thanks to Spurs 6-0 thrashing at the hands of Manchester City.

Just the one transfer this week and that man Walker takes the walk of shame.  Spurs did well early in the season on the clean sheet front but they seem to be getting ‘found out’ a little in recent games. Concede one goal and they’re goosed it seems as they’re 9 goal tally from 12 games is a shocking return for a club with top 4 ambitions. Luis Suarez on his own has 9 goals from only seven games for crying out loud!  Per Mertesacker gets the nod at a cost of £5.8m, his considerable 6ft 6 in frame is usually good for a headed goal from time to time.

Poor Danny Sturridge is doubtful after picking up another injury  in training this morning.  This time it’s  ankle ligament damage and he required the aid of crutches leaving Liverpools Melwood training ground.  I’ll make do with 2 strikers this weekend and pack the midfield with Ross Barkley making the first XI to chance his arm at home to Stoke.

No early Saturday kickoff this weekend as the early slot has been shifted to Sunday for the stand-out fixture of the weekend, Spurs V Man Utd.

Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose!

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